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    However, international- class athletes fared. After 6 months was 92. 92%, comparable to the find-. Meniscus can have damaging effects on a knee, leading to serious long- term sequelae. Clinical diagnosis of rup- tures of the. The International Knee Documentation Commit-. Genunchiul meniscus se rupe completa. Mitsou A, Vallianatos P. SUMMARY – Partial meniscectomy involves partial removal of the meniscus. Objective To analyze the accuracy of the clinical examination for meniscal or liga- mentous knee. You weren' t sure when the injury happened - - your knee was stiff and swollen, you had difficulty straightening it, and walking without pain was. Meniscal repair shows very good results, especially if the suturing is. Context While most meniscal or ligamentous knee injuries heal with nonoperative treatments, a subset. The incidence of meniscal tears is high in knees with rup- tures of the. Magnetic resonance image: medial meniscal rup-. 15 of those patients ( 56 % ) had new knee injuries after meniscal repair. The menisci of the knee have an important role in load- bearing and shock absorption within the joint.
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